Cadillac Key Replacement

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Get Instant estimate to replace your Cadillac key from your friendly neighborhood locksmith in Maricopa. Estimates valid for 48 hours.

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Price includes key cutting & programming on-site by a local locksmith. [SERVICE AREA]

Cadillac Key Replacement & Locksmith.

Get an estimated cost for your project and connect with local auto locksmiths near Maricopa, AZ. Our cost calculators offers average cost and does not replace an estimate from your local locksmith. Factors like distance, weather, road and vehicle conditions can affect the final price. 

Cadillac Key Replacement

Lost Cadillac key replacement service in Maricopa, AZ and its surrounding areas.

Copy Cadillac Key

Get a copy of your Cadillac key made today by a local mobile locksmith in your area.

lost cadillac key

What if it’s not the key

Automotive locksmiths do more than copy keys. Local car locksmith fix ignition, rekey car locks, rekey ignition, program replacement Cadillac key, unlock cars and at times, basic roadside assistance. 

Local professional automotive locksmiths in Maricopa, AZ.

If your car is running with the keys inside or if your key damaged, or lost – you might need to contact a locksmith near you. If your ignition key doesn’t turn and you wish to avoid towing your car to a Cadillac dealer, then let us connect you with a local locksmith. 


Locksmith for Cadillac

Your Cadillac keys requires uniquely designed diagnostic tools in order to sync them to your vehicle. If you wish to sync a new smart key or any Cadillac key for your vehicle, you will need to choose between towing your car  – or driving it –  to a nearby auto dealership for service, to hiring a local automotive locksmith in Maricopa, AZ.

Cadillac Key Replacement Cost

Key StylePrice Range
Basic Key $130 - $160
Transponder Key $145 - $195
Switchblade Key $165 - $245
Cadillac Key Fob $275 - $385