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How to get a key replacement for 1998 – 2002 Honda Civic when all keys are lost

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One thing you should know about the 98 – 02 Civic models, is that making a replacement car key for them should be easy for a local car locksmith in [geoip-city].

Honda Key Code

Your Honda Civic has all the information that your locksmith will need to make a replacement key. Yes, most Honda models has the key information hidden somewhere inside. Although visible, your key information encrypted and displayed as a random harmless code. We call this information Key Code. It can be decoded by a local locksmith using key codes software.

How much should you pay for a new Honda car key

This is actually very common question among customers who rather hire a real local locksmith. Why local? because most local locksmiths will provide you an estimate over the phone, while many fly by night locksmiths won’t disclose price until they arrive to your vehicle.

To make sure you get the best deal, check price first by using our FREE Honda Car Key Replacement Cost Calculator, even if you’re outside our service area.

How does the cost calculator work?

Watch the short video below to learn how to get free estimate for your Honda if your key was lost or stolen.

Please note that key copies and broken key repairs would be cheaper. This cost calculator is only if you have lost your only Honda key and need a locksmith that will come to your location and make a new key.

Honda Civic Key

1998 – 2002 Honda Car Key has a chip and need to be programmed to your car by a local Honda dealer or a locksmith.

Programming a New Honda Key will disable previously stored keys. That means that your old key will no longer be registered with your vehicle and if found it cannot be used to start the vehicle.

1998 2002 Honda Civic Key Replacement Locksmith
1998 2002 Honda Civic Key Replacement

Service Area

Our Honda Civic key replacement service available exclusively in our service area.

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