How to Get a Replacement Car Key Without the Original

how to get a car key replacement without the original near me

Getting a replacement car key is no longer the dealers domain, due to the high number of auto locksmiths available in the US. In fact, most people rather hire a locksmith other than tow their car to the dealership where a new car key can be made.

For a local auto locksmith, programming a new key fob for your car takes minute. For keys, it’s a bit more complicated.

While some keys can be made directly from your vehicle VIN, using a key code, others requires more work. The key code cost, combined with your key and programming token can set the price of a single key to $300 or higher. It’s important not settle for “$10-$25 and up” bids, but to insist on a full price upfront. Find My Keys gives you just that! Instant cost calculators to replace lost car key on-site.

Older does not necessarily means cheaper. Making a key to a class car takes longer than making it to a new one because there are no key codes for most older vehicles and making a key takes skills, time and physical work. This process can take up to 3 hours and has a price.

A Car Locksmith or a Dealer

  • While car dealership offers only one option, locksmiths carry both OEM and aftermarket keys.
  • Some dealers may charge you a full hour, even if programming a key fob takes minutes.
  • Most car dealerships will ask you to tow your vehicle to their facility and leave it there for service, while locksmiths offers on-site service and work around your schedule.
  • Most if not all of the local locksmiths around you offers auto key replacement. Search for “Locksmith near me” to get a list of local locksmiths in your area.

Car Key Estimate

Get an instant estimate to replace your lost key on-site. To start, select your vehicle.

Car Door Unlock Service $50 FLAT RATE
Basic Car Key without a chip $95-$145
Transponder Chip Key $145 - $195
New Fobik Key $165 - $225
New Key Fob for Push to Start cars $235 - $385
Fix Ignition $185 - $325
Program Only (Car Key or Fob) $75 - $125
  • Acura Locksmith
  • Audi Locksmith
  • Buick Locksmith
  • Cadillac Locksmith
  • Chevrolet Locksmith
  • Dodge Locksmith
  • Chrysler Locksmith
  • Ford Locksmith
  • GMC Locksmith
  • Honda Locksmith
  • Hyundai Locksmith
  • Infiniti Locksmith
  • Jeep Locksmith
  • Kia Locksmith
  • Lexus Locksmith
  • Lincoln Locksmith
  • Maserati Locksmith
  • Mazda Locksmith
  • Mitsubishi Locksmith
  • Mini Cooper Locksmith
  • Mercury Locksmith
  • Nissan Locksmith
  • Scion Locksmith
  • Subaru Locksmith
  • Toyota Locksmith
  • VW Locksmith
  • Motorcycle Keys


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Car Locksmith near me

Some hardware stores provide duplicate car key service. This service usually includes copying your key on another key blank and cloning the security information coded into the chip.

Locksmiths offers that service as well, but are also able to make a replacement car key if your key is damaged, stolen or lost.

Some keys are being made from the vin number, some by decoding one or more of your vehicle locks and some by a key-code that located somewhere on your vehicle, usually stored in the vehicle memory, engraved on one of the locks or stored on a card inside your owner’s manual.

Car Key Repalcement

Different locksmiths charges different rates for their services. Shop around, compare rates, service level, parts (OEM or aftermarket) and warranty policy.

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