How to get a Replacement Key for your Kawasaki Ninja when all keys lost

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Getting a replacement motorcycle key from the dealer is hardly possible, because for most bikes, key codes not really an option. In a world with no codes, getting a replacement key for your Kawasaki requires you to either replace all the locks on your bike or contact a local locksmith near [geoip-city], [geoip-region].

Locksmiths use Lock Decoders

Most motorcycle locksmiths use lock decoders to identify your key original cuts and re-make it. In case the attempt is un-successful, like the one we post here, then your locksmiths will have to pick your gas cap, un and re-assemble it, not before he’ll be able to visually inspect your lock wafers and make a new key.

Motorcycle Locksmith near me

Finding a local motorcycle locksmith near you can be challenging, as not so many locksmiths choose to deal with bike locks. But once you found a good local locksmith near [geoip-city], [geoip-region] it is your responsibility to make sure that your bike is accessible and that you have the correct paperwork to prove ownership of your bike.Please bring the following documents to your service appointment:

  • State issued ID Driver license or a passport with the owner’s name and picture.
  • Proof of Ownership is required with your state issued ID. Title or Registration with your name and the correct VIN is required to make a replacement key for your bike.
  • Owner Presence is required! Having the right documents is good but not enough. The bike owner must be presence at time of service to confirm ownership.
lost kawasaki key locksmith find my keys

Cost to Replace your Lost Motorcycle Key

The cost to hire a local locksmith to replace your lost Motorcycle key vary between states and different models. Use our instant calculator to generate your custom estimate!

Local fees & adjustments by state

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Lost Motorcycle key

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